9 Tips On Selecting a Necklace Holder with Stand

Are you are tired of fumbling through a tangled web of necklaces in your jewelry box looking for the right one? There is no doubt about it. A good necklace holder can certainly simplify your life. With the right necklace stand, you’ll have no more clutter, and best of all, you won’t have to take an extra 10 minutes to get the kinks out of the perfect necklace you need to complete your ensemble.

Below you will find 10 tips on selecting a necklace holder when shopping online:

1. Make Sure the Necklace Holder Stand You Select Is Tall Enough

Sometimes people get so caught up in how the necklace holder stand looks and how many hooks it has, they forget one of the most important aspects. Is the stand tall enough to accommodate your longest necklaces? If the stand is too short, your necklaces will drag on the table top at the bottom, bundle up, and get tangled. This is especially true if you have thin dainty necklaces or if you are using a rotating stand and you are constantly shifting it. Remember that the online picture may be taken from a certain angle that can actually make the stand look taller than it really is. It is always best to measure your longest necklaces and then compare these lengths to the actual height dimensions listed.

2. What Type of Material and Design Do You Prefer?

A necklace holder is not just for storing necklaces. It is also for displaying necklaces in a decorative way. It is also for organizing your necklaces so that you can see your entire collection all at once. Some necklace holders are so beautiful they are almost works of art all unto themselves. Some designs look better with the necklaces dangling from them. Necklace holders are made from a variety of materials and finishes. Some of the more popular include copper, antique silver, black metal, wrought iron, and classic black velvet. You’ll also find cheap necklace holders made out of various types of plastic, especially ones made for girls.

3. Space and Storage Considerations

No matter what design you prefer, it is also important that you consider the space you have available. If you have only a small amount of dresser space, you may want to shop for a more compact design. However, keep in mind that if the design is too compact, your necklaces may end up touching and get tangled. Some compact designs can look a bit cluttered as well.

4. How Stable Is the Stand?

After carefully organizing your entire necklace collection on your brand new stand, what you definitely don’t need is for the entire stand to topple over! Make sure the base on the stand you choose will keep the stand firmly in place. You may also want to make sure the stand you choose is stable enough that you don’t have to worry about counterbalancing your heavier necklaces. This can be annoying if you’re in a hurry.

5. Special Notes On Rotating Necklace Holder Stand

Rotating back necklace holders are very popular as they help you access all your necklaces easily. However, if you do choose to purchase a rotating stand, there are a few special considerations you need to take into quick account. Make sure that the rotating pole supporting the hooks isn’t too rickety or wobbly. The rotating pole in some stands, especially cheaper ones, will become loose quite easily. This is especially true if you have necklaces in your quick shop collection that are heavier than average and put more pressure on the rotating pole. On rotating necklace stands, you also have to worry more about counterbalancing a heavy necklace on one side with an equally heavy one on the other side. This may also true if you have a large necklace collection and need to hang several necklaces on a single hook.

6. Separate Crafts Jewelry Display Stands For Special Collection of Added Necklaces

While some people prefer a jewelry tree necklace holder stand to hold all of their necklaces so they can see them all at one glance, if you have a lot of necklaces from different sources, you may want to have a different stand for each collection you have. For example, you may want to display all your necklaces from your sweetheart on a special stand. Perhaps you will want to put all the gifts from your children and grandchildren on another. If you make jewelry, you may want to display some of your best pieces on a special stand. If you are Catholic, you may also want a special stand just for rosary beads.

7. Will the Stand Make Your Favorite Metal Necklaces Oxidize and Tarnish?

Although this is not usually an issue on more expensive jewelry stand necklace stands, some cheaper metal necklace stands will react with your metal necklaces and cause them to oxidize and tarnish. This can sometimes be fixed by having your necklaces professionally cleaned but it can leave permanent marks on some jewelry. The best way to avoid this is to read through all the reviews on the necklace stand you are interested in and make sure no one mentions this problem.

8. Special Considerations If You Are Giving the Necklace Stand As a Gift

If you are buying a jewelry organizer necklace holder stand as a gift for shipping, make sure you are considering the needs and tastes of the gift recipient rather than your own when you are shopping. Your styles may be very different. While you may fancy the wrought iron antique look, they may favor a more modern chic look, or vice-versa of course. If the gift recipient is taller than you, they may tend to wear longer necklaces and need a taller necklace holder than you do. In picking the design, you may consider the gift recipient’s special interests. For example, music lovers may really like one of the beautiful harp shaped necklace holder that are available. Nature lovers may prefer the tree style necklace holders.

9. Combination Jewelry Holders

Some necklace organizer stands are built into a larger unit that also holds rings, bracelets, earrings, and pins. You may prefer to read more on this type of stand if you like to keep all your display stand in one place and you have the space for such a large unit.